A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Travel the interatomic space, leave the known universe behind at speed of light, dodging subatomics particles. Are you wave or particle? It doesn't matter, just run!

  • Exploring a new gameplay for infinite runners

    Infinite runner games are the funniest at the end of the game, when the gameplay is faster and the player starts feeling out of control. In Photon Rush we added a twist: The player will be on the dark and won't see the path unless he decides to spend light energy. Thus, the player has to balance the gameplay, deciding whether to use the light energy at the beginning, making the first moments of the game easier, or save it for latter, when the game is faster. In this way the gameplay should be challenging for both novice and seasoned players during the whole run.
  • Where are we?

    We are releasing a stable version in mayor desktop and mobile platforms.

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Install instructions

Windows and Linux

Unzip the folder and run the executable file inside.


Unzip the file and install the app.

Windows Modern

Follow this link to the Windows Store

Mobile players

You can find the link to the iTunes, Google Play and Windows Phone Store bellow.


Photon Rush 1.4 Windows x86.zip 19 MB
Photon Rush 1.4 Linux x86.zip 21 MB
Photon Rush 1.4 Mac x86.app.zip 22 MB

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